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January 23, 2009

The (New) High Price Of Information

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Today I went to get breakfast at Mel’s on Sunset.
I ambled over to buy an LA Times from the street machine, and the price had gone up by 50% to 75c.
Listen Mr Zell, I know the company you bought for peanuts is now broke, but speaking as one of the very few that still BUY a paper, do you think hiking the price for a thin Thursday edition by 50 freaking % is a good way to increase your business???

It really pissed me off.

Still bought it though. Its almost like I can’t eat alone without a paper.Loser.

PS: Corned beef hash was fantastic.

Arrest in slaying of homeless man set afire (LA TIMES)

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Los Angeles police have arrested a man in connection with the gruesome killing of a homeless man who was set on fire last year.

The arrest caps a nearly four-month search for suspects in a killing that outraged the city.

Benjamin Mathew Martin, 30, was apprehended in Rancho Mirage today, said LAPD Deputy Chief Charlie Beck. Martin’s alleged motivation for the killing, Beck said, appears to be “straight-up personal dislike and a little bit of crazy.”


January 14, 2009

Like Winter In July

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From the LA Times:

Southern California’s unseasonable January heat wave shows no signs of letting up.
Temperatures across the region flirted with record-high levels Monday afternoon, and the warm, windy conditions were expected to remain through the weekend.
Temperatures in downtown L.A. reached 88 degrees, edging out the recorded high of 87 degrees and rising 20 degrees above normal levels, said Todd Hall, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.
Records were also set in Long Beach and Burbank at 87 degrees; San Gabriel at 88; and UCLA at 86 degrees. A 54-year-old record was broken in Oxnard, where temperatures inched up to 86 degrees, passing the 1955 record of 85.

Big Dick In The Valley (LA WEEKLY)

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Former gay porn star (and dildo model) Jeff Stryker is being an ass about a folk club next to his office in the Valley.
Its not the most interesting story, except to realise that this is what middle age means to a guy who earned his living from rock hard abs and a rock hard cock.
A small mail order business run from a storefront office next to a discount carpet store and a rundown folk club.

January 11, 2009

Sunday morning, Santa Monica, Perry’s Cafe

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After a pretty cold and wet Christmas normal service resumes at the beach.
This is Perrys on South Santa Monica.
It’s really just a burger joint but it does great espresso.
And you can’t beat the view.
Today they’re pumping baroque classical music as the sun beats down.

Perrys Cafe
South Santa Monica Beach

ATMOSPHERE: Suuuper laid back burger bar

VIBE: Ok if you like sand and seagulls

BEST FEATURE 1: The espresso, and the beach butler service

BEST FEATURE 2: It’s right next to the beach volleyball courts. So, if you like hot athletic bodies…..

a truly crappy shot of Perry's Cafe

taken in Jan 09 with 87 degree temp


January 9, 2009

Sorry, who are you again? CES edition

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Mmmm, what a lineup.....some random booth at CES Las Vegas 2009

It's been a long time since 'That '70s Show' for Wilmer

Sandstorm, Primm Nevada

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January 4, 2009

How to scare anyone in California (UK Times)

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Hundreds of earthquakes have hit Yellowstone National Park, raising fears of a more powerful volcanic eruption.

The earthquake swarm, the biggest in more than 20 years, is being closely monitored by scientists and emergency authorities.

The series of small quakes included three last Friday which measured stronger than magnitude 3.0. The strongest since this latest swarm of quakes began on December 27 was 3.9.

No damage has yet been reported but scientists say this level of activity – there have been more than 500 tremors in the last week – is highly unusual.

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“LA is a weird place”

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From the Economist.

Stuff like this happens all the time. Jeremy Piven likes a stiff latte. You can quote me.

January 2, 2009

Foggy LA

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After two gorgeous days the fog is back. It won’t rain – just a dense white fog peeling in from the ocean.

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