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December 31, 2008

Segway idiot Santa Monica, New Year’s Eve

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Just like you and me

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Cocaine repels most insects — which is why the coca plant makes the chemical in the first place. But in a surprising new finding, U.S. and Australian researchers reported Friday that honeybees are susceptible to the drug’s insidious lure.

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December 30, 2008

Don’t drive on the 10 East in the morning….(LA TIMES)

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“To the driver of license plate 5WS—-:”I saw you the other day on the 10 East, sir. I was behind you for close to five minutes wondering why on earth you weren’t keeping up with traffic, why your brake lights kept coming on, and why you didn’t flinch when half a dozen people cut you off. It was when you swerved just a bit to the left, and then just a bit to the right that I became worried enough to pass, but the true horror of the situation didn’t set in until I began making my way around you.

“You see, you were reading the Wall Street Journal…….

Please, put down the paper . . . for the sake of every commuter on the 10 East.”

December 28, 2008

Ghosts of Christmas Past

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Today in Photographs: December 26, 1950.
Hangover morning after Christmas in an L.A. County Jail drunk tank.

Good advice, design edition

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: I was a great fan of Charles Eames. I once asked Charles how he begins the process of designing a chair, and he said, “Well, the first thing I do is I get a tape measure and I walk around the office and I measure everybody’s ass.”

Life imitates Art, sexy edition

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Longtime Rossini friends were stunned when the veteran lawman turned in his badge on Dec. 8. Exactly why Rossini downloaded Pellicano files remains a mystery – but what is known is that Rossini passed them to a mysterious woman described in court papers as “Madame X.” And some of them ended up in the hands of Pellicano’s defense attorneys, who claimed they were sent anonymously.

The actress had told people she was writing a screenplay about the outlaw investigator.

The screenplay, if it exists, hasn’t been optioned yet. But Rossini, who pleaded guilty, lost his high-powered counterterrorism job and faces five years in prison.

Actually Linda, the better story is about the actress and the FBI man……

December 25, 2008

US phrases that piss off the English (UK Telegraph)

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That’s some churn you have there…..

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Customers, who pay $35 to $45 a month, are given a pendant or a TV set-top box that connects to Lifeline. If they experience a medical problem, they push a button on the device to summon help.

The company loses about 35 percent of its subscribers each year, mostly because of death.


Christmas Evil (actual)

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Man in Santa Suit Kills at Least 5 at Holiday Party

As I’ve always said, stay away from West Covina. It’s deadly out there.

Jews still run Hollywood (UK Guardian)

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Great piece. And not as racist as that headline would suggest. 🙂


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