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December 13, 2008

Gelsons, Santa Monica Blvd

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Tucked away off Santa Monica near Kings Road is my favourite supermarket, Gelsons.
If a supermarket can be said to be unassuming from the road, then this is it. I drove past it for a year before realising it WAS a supermarket.
Why is it my favourite? Its Teriyaki Grilling Sauce.


There is nothing, repeat, NOTHING that doesn’t taste better with this stuff on it. Its $3.70 of instant yummy.
They also stock the Italian premade Polenta, which is a lot easier to deal with, and yep, also tastes better grilled with the sauce above. 🙂



Late night at Famima

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Famima is a godsend. its a 24hr newsagent/Pret or NY corner deli with a heavy Japanese design vibe.


Along with all the usual crisps and cola, they have these great small snacks like hot dumplings, sausage pasta and French Toast sticks (!!). So, um, pigged out a bit.
We have one near the office, and the other one I know of is on 3rd St Santa Monica.
When gas was extremely expensive I saw a big future for these guys. But now that it may end being close to free by next year the US will stay in its drive-thru ways.
I really hope these guys survive.
Wow, 2 turkey sandwiches. Really?

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