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December 15, 2008

Tesla Electric Roadster on Top Gear UK

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I drive past the Tesla showroom on Santa Monica Blvd near the 405 quite often, and was very interested how the Roadster would perform. I’ve yet to see one here on the streets.They’re made about 400 miles north of LA, just south of Silicon Valley.


Today’s LA Story – Philippe Starck at Big Lots

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Click the pic for the full story from the LA Times

Big Lots is a super discount warehouse of a supermarket that sells everything in bulk.
Philippe Starck seems to have some sort of BFF thing going with the sbe group, who have a number of high-end restaurants in town, and just opened their first LA hotel.
For me Philippe is a bit 90’s now (how long ago WAS the Royalton Phillippe?) but hey, it will probably do very well, and I will no doubt have a cocktail or two there.
However, in this city with its incredible amount of visionary design talent, it is a little bit sad that the portly Frenchman still dominates the market.

R+D Kitchen, Santa Monica

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R+D Kitchen
1323 Montana Ave, Santa Monica

Had brunch today at the R+D kitchen in the wealthy part of Santa Monica, up on Montana Ave.
This is Pilates/2 kids/Lexus SUV territory, but very nice if babywear shops selling $300 hoodies don’t freak you out.
When I walked in the vibe seemed kind of familiar, and I guessed it was somehow related to the excellent Houston’s chain, and it turns out it is.

Some people won’t go to a chain restaurant out of principle, but any Hillstone Group place is definitely worth a visit. The service will be good, the interior design warm but functional, and the food WAY above average. What they have done is take the food quality and ambience of a good Pacific Brasserie and replicate it perfectly in multiple locations. Not an easy thing to do.


Had a terrific spinach omelette with walnut potato salad and toast, but the highlight was a hot chocolate made by the gentleman above. The key: not too large. Some places think you need a small lake of a latte or hot choc, but here it was perfectly sized and not too sweet. It was a bright, shivery day, so suited the afternoon perfectly.

Also, the bathrooms are kind of cool – jet black with separate private entrances. They’re also big enough for an entire table to be doing lines together, or for a decent 3 way. I’m guessing that might be happening here of a Friday night.



Above: The kitchen is open to the dining room

VIBE: Earn over $200k and be cool about it

SPORTS: Yes, but no sound

FOOD: Good

MUSIC: As you’d expect. 80s indie tunes done as Bossa Nova by that French outfit I can never remember the name of, and light jazz.

PRICE: $80 inc tip for 3 people.

STAR FUCKER LEVEL: Green. While I was there Jon Favreau (Swingers/director Iron Man) arrived with daughter and two producers. MUCH taller than you’d think with a huge head.

 I told you Vince, no fucking cameo in Iron Man 2, ok?

" I told you Vince, no fucking cameo in Iron Man 2, ok?"

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