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December 25, 2008

US phrases that piss off the English (UK Telegraph)

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That’s some churn you have there…..

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Customers, who pay $35 to $45 a month, are given a pendant or a TV set-top box that connects to Lifeline. If they experience a medical problem, they push a button on the device to summon help.

The company loses about 35 percent of its subscribers each year, mostly because of death.


Christmas Evil (actual)

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Man in Santa Suit Kills at Least 5 at Holiday Party

As I’ve always said, stay away from West Covina. It’s deadly out there.

Jews still run Hollywood (UK Guardian)

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Great piece. And not as racist as that headline would suggest. 🙂


IWC opens in Beverly Hills

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I’m a huge fan of IWC watches, having worn one since 2006.
I’m not certain that right now is the best time to be opening a boutique in Beverly Hills, but there you go.
As a retail space its very bland, which is disappointing. 
This is a brand with a beautiful restrained macho elegance to its watches. The store however could be a standard issue lux watch shop, with too much ordinary chrome cabinetry and blinding jewellery store light.

Something more tech and directly evocative of the brand’s aircraft heritage would have fitted the brand better, but then I guess this a store built to cater to the local Bentley Breitling crowd…..

IWC Schaffhausen Boutique Beverly Hills
9490C Brighton Way
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Top Gear Tesla Test *UPDATE*

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My original post. 

Um, they faked the bit where it ran out of power. Jeez, the BBC definitely know how to cock up.
I used to work there, in the department that makes Top Gear. Does this surprise me? No.

Award Show Fever begins

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Award Shows Suck

Did 2008 suck? Perhaps. The hosts behind The It Sucked! Awards , Bristol and Willow Palin, a.k.a. Dannah Feinglass and Danielle Schneider, have given the subject much thoughtful consideration, for your cut-and-paste pleasure: “2008: The year of champions. Michael Phelps won medals, Sarah Palin won our hearts, Obama won our vote, and gay marriage won … well, not everyone can be a winner. So, let’s celebrate the winners and the losers of 2008, from the bailout to Britney, as we reflect on the moments that made us say to ourselves,’That sucked!'” With Neil Campbell & Paul Rust, Matt Besser, Brett Gelman, Mike Phirman, Josh Fadem, others.

Mondo Xmas: featuring Christmas Evil

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Stuck for something to do in LA tomorrow? 

The Cinefamily “spoils you rotten” again this year with all the typical holiday schlock, including “veriteacute; footage of department store Santas, misguided movie tie-ins, exhumed cartoons and aborted holiday specials.”
Plus, a screening of John Waters’ favorite Christmas movie, Christmas Evil(1980), about a man named Harry who takes the holidays to the extreme after suffering a scarring incident in which he stumbled upon his parents having sex in Santa regalia. Director Lewis Jackson will be in attendance.

I love that: Director Lewis Jackson will be in attendance. Yep, he may not have much else going on. 

Skid Row (not the band)

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Xmas for kids in Skid Row, Downtown LA

Xmas dinner for kids in Skid Row, Downtown LA 2008

One of the most amazing parts of Los Angeles is Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles. Its sort of an open air village for the city’s homeless, indigent, psychotic, addicted. It staggers the mind to see it. 

A lot of Los Angeles has street dwellers of course (I’m trying to get a good pic of the man who lives just off Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills) and I was once panhadled in my car as I turned a corner in Century City. I coughed up money to him, as a) it was incredible that a guy could pitch me WHILE I WAS DRIVING, and b) he was articulate and friendly. 
That’s really the key to being a successful begger. Be entertaining.

But seriously, it sort of turns you inside out to see them , and there but for the grace etc.
Hell, if this economy keeps moving in this direction you might yet see me out there.

Happy Holidays

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Xmas at the Grove

Xmas at the Grove

It’s incredibly cold in Los Angeles for Xmas this year. Like, wear a wool sweater and slippers around the house cold. Where you can tell the heated pools because they look like hot pools in Iceland: steam rising into the air.


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