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January 14, 2009

Big Dick In The Valley (LA WEEKLY)

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Former gay porn star (and dildo model) Jeff Stryker is being an ass about a folk club next to his office in the Valley.
Its not the most interesting story, except to realise that this is what middle age means to a guy who earned his living from rock hard abs and a rock hard cock.
A small mail order business run from a storefront office next to a discount carpet store and a rundown folk club.


January 9, 2009

Sorry, who are you again? CES edition

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Mmmm, what a lineup.....some random booth at CES Las Vegas 2009

It's been a long time since 'That '70s Show' for Wilmer

December 18, 2008

Carrie Fisher & Ron Jeremy

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Carrie Fisher at Book Soup

Carrie Fisher at Book Soup

Read it here.

December 16, 2008

Today’s LA Story: And if you REALLY have money……

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You can buy yourself a piece of celebreality instant history. Imagine, you can point out a sofa and say, ‘that’s where Kim’s ass was, oh, and there, and THERE’.


December 15, 2008

R+D Kitchen, Santa Monica

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R+D Kitchen
1323 Montana Ave, Santa Monica

Had brunch today at the R+D kitchen in the wealthy part of Santa Monica, up on Montana Ave.
This is Pilates/2 kids/Lexus SUV territory, but very nice if babywear shops selling $300 hoodies don’t freak you out.
When I walked in the vibe seemed kind of familiar, and I guessed it was somehow related to the excellent Houston’s chain, and it turns out it is.

Some people won’t go to a chain restaurant out of principle, but any Hillstone Group place is definitely worth a visit. The service will be good, the interior design warm but functional, and the food WAY above average. What they have done is take the food quality and ambience of a good Pacific Brasserie and replicate it perfectly in multiple locations. Not an easy thing to do.


Had a terrific spinach omelette with walnut potato salad and toast, but the highlight was a hot chocolate made by the gentleman above. The key: not too large. Some places think you need a small lake of a latte or hot choc, but here it was perfectly sized and not too sweet. It was a bright, shivery day, so suited the afternoon perfectly.

Also, the bathrooms are kind of cool – jet black with separate private entrances. They’re also big enough for an entire table to be doing lines together, or for a decent 3 way. I’m guessing that might be happening here of a Friday night.



Above: The kitchen is open to the dining room

VIBE: Earn over $200k and be cool about it

SPORTS: Yes, but no sound

FOOD: Good

MUSIC: As you’d expect. 80s indie tunes done as Bossa Nova by that French outfit I can never remember the name of, and light jazz.

PRICE: $80 inc tip for 3 people.

STAR FUCKER LEVEL: Green. While I was there Jon Favreau (Swingers/director Iron Man) arrived with daughter and two producers. MUCH taller than you’d think with a huge head.

 I told you Vince, no fucking cameo in Iron Man 2, ok?

" I told you Vince, no fucking cameo in Iron Man 2, ok?"

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